Revolution Seeking Road Redemption (REPOST)

After a roller-coaster season that will end Sunday without playoff berth, the New England Revolution hope to close out the 2017 campaign by doing something they haven’t done all year– win on the road. The Revs, winners of a club record 12 home matches this season, found each visiting venue Continue Reading

My Top 5 Dave Matthews Band Moments

The Return of the Dave Matthews Band As mentioned in yesterday’s podcast, the Dave Matthews Band has confirmed what fans had been expecting to hear for quite some time. The band would, in fact, be reuniting for a full-length summer tour in 2018. They also announced that they would be Continue Reading

The Pondering Podcast: Episode 3

Good evening, Pondering Phans! Thanks for tuning in to Episode 003 of The Pondering Podcast! I have a great show lined up for you this evening. Tonight’s Rundown Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. The official announcement of our first scheduled guest: Stephen Kellogg! The Dave Matthews Band returns to the Continue Reading

Paternal Ponderings – Friday, January 12, 2018

Good evening, Pondering Phans! As I contemplate my content release schedule, and taking into consideration my responsibilities as a teacher and doctoral student, I’ve decided that Friday night posts will be done in a more quick-hitting manner. “Paternal Ponderings” will be a weekly segment on the site and podcast! Each Continue Reading

Bullying Remains a Concern for Parents and Kids

Despite recent efforts to downplay its current societal impact, bullying remains a legitimate safety concern for both parents and students alike. The existence of a toxic (and potentially lethal) combination of increased reports of harassment, accusations against schools for intentionally under-reporting acts of bullying, along with a sharp rise in Continue Reading


Putting on my Father Hat Tonight’s post is a preview of what’s to come in future podcasts. Each week, I’ll be featuring a “5 Folks in Need of a Time-Out” segment to end every episode. The idea behind the feature is to highlight key celebrities/politicians who committed such egregious offenses Continue Reading

10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy on a Snow Day

Brace Yourselves… Grayson is coming. The preppy-named BombCyclone (a term used to describe a massive strengthening of a storm thanks to a quick drop in atmospheric pressure) is set to explode upon the New England region early Thursday morning. While it appears to be a quick-hitting event, it’ll likely force Continue Reading

News and Notes ~ Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Good evening, everyone! Thank you all once again for the continued support. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I’m excited to pass along some amazing updates tonight! New Logo What do you all think? This logo will be the new cover photo on social media outlets Continue Reading

A Movie Pitch to Walt Disney Studios

Disney is currently riding a box-office high after the recent release of their sci-fi juggernaut, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They also have A Wrinkle in Time, Avengers: Infinity War, Wreck-It Ralph 2, and at least twenty or so Avatar sequels in the pipeline. Their domination of the U.S. Box Office Continue Reading